Product Profile
Neurotechnology MegaMatcher Accelerator 2.0

Neurotechnology MegaMatcher Accelerator 2.0

  • Supplier: Neurotechnology
  • Region: Lithuania
  • Updated: 05/18/2010
Product Specifications
  • MegaMatcher Accelerator 2.0 from Neurotechnology is a biometric software and hardware packaged solution that includes one of the fastest fingerprint matching engines in the world, with matching speeds up to 40 million fingerprints per second.

    MegaMatcher Accelerator 2.0 is now available in Standard and Extended versions, offering a greater range of platform configurations for different biometric solutions. The Extended Version of MegaMatcher Accelerator 2.0 replaces the current MegaMatcher Accelerator and has the capability of matching 40 million fingerprints per second, four times the speed of the current version.

    The new versions of MegaMatcher Accelerator allow a variety of solutions to take advantage of the fast 1:N (1-to-many) matching speeds of the Neurotechnology algorithms. MegaMatcher Accelerator 2.0 Extended offers the highest performance for applications that require extremely fast matching with a large volume of data. Both Accelerator versions will match native MegaMatcher fingerprint templates as well as standard templates, allowing Accelerator to match another provider’s AFIS-generated data.

    Suitable for both civil and forensic applications, the MegaMatcher algorithm is used in biometric solutions worldwide, including election control systems, passport and visa documentation, border control, criminal investigations and duplicate searches in large-scale government and commercial databases. The MegaMatcher fingerprint recognition algorithm has received full NIST MINE X certification and supports BioAPI 2.0 and other biometric industry standards.

    Key Features
    * Manages a database of up to 20 million fingerprints
    * Performs 1:N matching at a speed of up to 40 million fingerprints per second
    * Matches native MegaMatcher fingerprint templates as well as third-party standard templates
    * Certified by NIST MINEX