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Fingerprint Door Lock
Fingerprint Door Lock
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    Fingerprint Lock, Fingerprint Door Lock, Biometric Lock, Biometric Door Lock, Biometric Fingerprint Lock, Fingerprint Security Lock, Fingerprint Access Control Lock (BTS-L3000) is easy to use.


    1.The first fingerprint door lock with MENU instruction on OLED display in the world.

    2.Easy operation feature enables eather old people or children to use it without good memory.

    3.The lock are mainly used in offices, hotels, police offices, banks, Customs, multifarious organizations, villas, apartments, house, etc.

    4.Sensor: ZK Sensor;

    5.Core board: ZEM700;

    6.Display: OLED;

    7.Fingerprint Capacity: 500, Password:100, ID number:500;

    8.Transaction Capacity: 30,000;

    9.Password Length: 6-10;

    10.Communication Mode: RS232;

    11.Power Supply: 4pcs of 5# alkaline batteries 3.7-6.8V;

    12. Identification Time: ≤1.5S;

    13.Identification Mode1:N only;

    14.Color: Golden, Silver;

    15.FRR: ≤1%, FAR: ≤0.0001%;

    16.Operation Temperature: 045 degree C;

    17.Operation Humanity: ≤20%-80%;

    18.Mifare card standard;

    19.Multilanguage: Chinese, English.