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Access Card Reader
Access Card Reader
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    (BTS-01F) Card Reader & Access Control Card Reader & Access Reader & Access Card Reader & Access Control Reader is suitable for access control system.


    1.Color: Dark-grey

    2.Voltage: DC9-16V

    3.Working Current: ≤100mA

    4.Working Temperature: -10 to 70 degrees Centigrade

    5.Reading Distance: 3-15 CM

    6.Output Format: Wigand 26/34

    7.Reading Mode: (EM-ID/Mifare-IC)+P/N

    8.Communication Distance: WG≤100M

    9. Dimenstion: 108*88*32(MM)

    10.Other access reader series: BTS-01A,BTS-01B,BTS-01C, BTS-01D, BTS-01E,BTS-01G, BTS-01H,BTS-01I,BTS-01J,BTS-01K,BTS-01L,BTS-01M,BTS-01N,BTS-01O,BTS-01R, BTS-01X, BTS-01Y, BTS-01Z.