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    (BTS-9901A) Access Control Keypad Containing 500 users with Code (EM/ID Card) & Door Access Controller & Digital access control keypad


    1.Suitable for small scale area such as small office, family, storage room, passby door

    etc. Programmed on keypad and no software

    2.Card capacity: 500 users

    3.Personal password :500 sets

    4.Working voltage:12VDC

    5.Working current: 150mA

    6.Inside Card Reader: ID/EM card 125Kz

    7.Opening Mode: ID card, Common Code, ID Card+Common Code

    8.Alarm Mode: Over time to close or enforce opening

    9.Out Connector: Eletric lock(with relay output and power output), door magnetic, ring, button

    10.Programm: Keyboard.

    11.Dimension: 116*116*21mm

    12.Other Access Controller Serires: BTS-9901B, BTS-9901C, BTS-9901D, BTS-7612, BTS-8880,BTS-9902,BTS-9903,BTS-9904,BTS-9905,BTS-9908,ST-320,BTS-SC102,BTS-SC103,BTS-SC202,BTS-SC203.