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Electric Bolt Lock 2-8 lines
Electric Bolt Lock 2-8 lines
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    (BTS-308) Electric Bolt Lock 8 Line with Low Temperature and Timer & Electric Lock & Eletric Lock & Bolt lock (made in China) is popular product,


    1.Start Current: 0.75A, Working Current:0.1A

    2.Monitor output point (NO/NC);no noise

    3.Dimension: 200mm×34mm×42mm

    4.Suitable for: wooden door, glass door, metal door

    5.Quality guarantee: for 1 year (except that man-made and Force Majeure)

    6.Working Mode: power off to open

    7.Solid Bolt: 15.5mm with polishing housing

    8.Induction Distance: 15mm

    9.8 Line with timer, detecting of door and lock condition, low temperature

    10.Timer: 0-5 seconds adjustable

    11.Other Electric Bolt Lock Series: BTS-300, BTS-302, BTS-305,BTS-307, BTS-309, BTS-310B, BTS-310B, BTS-311, BTS-312,BTS-313,BTS-315.