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Electromagnetic lock
Electromagnetic lock
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    (BTS-280GF) Electromagnetic Lock & Electric Magnetic Lock & Door Lock & Magnetic Lock with LED (made in china)


    1). Lock dimensions: 250*48* 27(mm)

    2). Dual voltage: DC12V/DC24V

    3). Current draw: DC12V/480mA,DC24V/240mA

    4) Indicator and signal output of door position

    5) Built-in degaussing circuit

    6) No remanence on door-opening

    7). Safety function: built-in voltage spike suppressor

    8). Opening mode: 90 degree swinging door

    9). Suitable for: wooden door, glass door, metal door, fire proof door

    10). Quality guarantee: for 1 year (except that man-made and Force Majeure)

    11). Net Weight: 1.9kg

    12).Standard packing: 12pcs/box

    13).Other Electromagnetic Lock Series: BTS-280G, BTS-280GD,BTS-280A, BTS-280GS,BTS-280GSD, BTS-280GSF, BTS-180G,BTS-180GF, BTS-180AA,BTS-180GS, BTS-180GSF, BTS-350G,BTS-350GD,BTS-350GF,BTS-350A,BTS-350GS, BTS-350GSD, BTS-350GSF, BTS-500G,BTS-500GF