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Applied DNA Sciences SigNature DNA
Applied DNA Sciences SigNature DNA
  • Supplier: Applied DNA Sciences
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 11/09/2009
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Product Specifications
  • SigNature DNA uses extrinsic, green and botanically derived DNA markers embedded into products that act as unique and traceable identifiers. The SigNature DNA solution consists of three steps:
    1. Creating and encapsulating an encrypted DNA segment or marker
    2. Applying the marker to a product or material
    3. Detecting the presence of and authenticating the specific DNA marker

    There is virtually no margin of error with the SigNature DNA solution, since each marker is produced using a unique DNA combination. DNA is accepted as forensic evidence in courts around the world.

    SigNature DNA is a unique and powerful means to authenticate originality. It is truly versatile and stable. It has been prototyped and tested in many different types and forms of ink, varnish, adhesives and textile treatments.

    Authentication, the process of accurately identifying an object, is so important because of its potential impact on the value of the item. The reason it affects value, is that it provides authorization in a way that a fake or counterfeit item cannot.

    Key Features
    * Will not alter the quality of the product
    * Will not require major changes to the manufacturing process or logistic chain
    * Is stable and persistent
    * Is instantly detectable with a handheld device
    * Can be forensically authenticated in the lab