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IdentityTOOLS Multi-biometric Software Developer Kit
IdentityTOOLS Multi-biometric Software Developer Kit
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Product Specifications
  • IdentityTOOLS, a software developer kit for single servers and workstations, is designed to enable developers to build fingerprint and facial recognition biometric identification applications. Using IdentityTOOLS, developers can create virtually any fingerprint and/or facial recognition applications that require image acquisition, template generation, verification or identification. IdentityTOOLS is based on Viisage Flexible Template Matching technology and a unique combination of multiple biometric algorithms.

    Viisage's new combination of both fingerprint and facial recognition results leads to a new dimension of biometric accuracy and intuitive use of multiple biometrics. IdentityTOOLS is unique in providing all three, fingerprint, facial recognition and ISO image components, including quality checks for all-in-one, easy-to-use SDKs. The IdentityTOOLS SDK saves time by reducing number of biometric SDKs that application developers need to learn; it lowers cost of development by reducing number of needed biometric SDKs.

    IdentityTOOLS software architecture is designed to support rapid integration of additional algorithms. The software ensures backward compatibility with biometric templates built on FaceTOOLS 3.0 and later versions and includes an ID-management structure for administrating multibiometric data.