Product Profile
Daon DaonEngine 4.0 Human Identity Management Solution

Daon DaonEngine 4.0 Human Identity Management Solution

  • Supplier: Daon
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2009/09/08
Product Specifications
  • DaonEngine is a platform that enables customers to manage biometric data and associated identity functions in a scalable, reliable and secure manner. With DaonEngine, organizations can leverage multimodal biometric technologies including facial recognition, fingerprint, iris, DNA, hand geometry, voice, and others. Some multifactor authentication technologies such as smart cards, RFID and passports are provided for a broad range of services including verification, identification, watch list management, investigation and identity issuance. Building a solution on the DaonEngine platform eliminates the need to focus on backend identity functions. It also reduces the need for extensive biometric experience while providing a firm foundation for growth and expansion. DaonEngine could be applied for a variety of solutions, including civil identification programs, border control programs, expedited traveler programs and enterprise credentialing systems.