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Cross Match Guardian R Multimodal Biometrics Jump Kit
Cross Match Guardian R Multimodal Biometrics Jump Kit
  • Supplier: Cross Match Technologies
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 09/08/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The Guardian R Jump Kit provides compact and mobile technology for capturing and transmitting forensicquality digital fingerprints, iris images, photographs and demographic data from harsh, remote or hostile environments. It is self-powered by using a military specification (MILSPEC) battery. It includes a durable 10-print live scan device, mug shot camera, iris scanner, and GPS to log date, time and exact location of enrollment. Optionally, the kit can be configured to include a portable handheld fingerprint scanner, a latent image camera, a document scanner and a mobile printer. It can also be configured to host a mobile AFIS as well. The kit also provides a rapid deployment, identification and verification kit in one sealed portable case to capture and transmit vital information about suspects, terrorists, detainees and others.