Product Profile
BioTime Time-Attendance Access-Control System
BioTime Time-Attendance Access-Control System
  • Supplier: bioMETRX
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 12/19/2006
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Product Specifications
  • BioTime is a fraud-free, easy-to-use computerized access-control, attendance and recording tool. All staff activity is recorded automatically at points of entry and exit. Upon arrival at work, employees login quickly and easily. Upon exiting, the process is repeated.

    The biometric access unit consists of a fingerprint reader and keypad enclosed in a powder-coated aluminum console with a backlit LCD display, internal buzzer, and red and green diodes. The unit is connected to PCs via both USB cables (five meters) and serial RS232s (both cables are required together). It requires a power outlet. The unit can be fitted with an optional internal relay to power magnetic doorlocks or turnstiles.

    Because the system accurately and instantly identifies employees, no unauthorized persons can enter and all staff movement is fully recorded. This automatically eradicates time disputes or buddy clocking. These records can then be saved, printed and analyzed at any time. Also, figures can be integrated with most popular payroll packages, allowing for complete automation of entire payroll calculation processes.