Product Profile
CDVI CENTAUR Integrated Access Control System
CDVI CENTAUR Integrated Access Control System
  • Supplier: CDVI Group
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 08/12/2009
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Product Specifications
  • The CENTAUR integrated access control system, controlling two to 2,048 doors, provides a user-friendly GUI to manage, configure and monitor access control systems from local and remote locations. This system can connect to one or more sites, each of which consists of one or more door controllers. Each software edition comes complete with all the software modules needed to manage your system on a single computer. Additional workstations can be installed on one or more networked computers to manage the system. It also supports multiple operators locally and remotely and even using different languages.

    The CENTAUR system optimizes user investment by providing a rich set of features, including event recording, report generation, parking management, time and attendance data acquisition, visitor management, real-time GUI, DVR and surveillance management, elevator control and more.