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Codelock CL500 Range
Codelock CL500 Range
  • Supplier: CODELOCKS
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 08/16/2010
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Product Specifications
  • .Heavy duty Codelock
    .PVD,weather resistant,low maintenance finish
    .Full size lever handles
    .Outside lever has a slipping clutch to avoid damage to the mechanism if forced
    .Easy code change as offen as required
    .Code Free option avilable
    .Mortice lock and mortice latch functions

    This is a heavy duty range with full size lever handles, allowing use as the primary lock on most doors, particularly in high traffic situations.
    The functions available allow for various ways of managing entry by code, by key and by Code Free operation of the lever handle on the CL505,CL515 and CL525 models.
    Throwing the deadbolt of the CL520/525 models will lock out the code users when appropriate.A safety feature ensures that the inside lever handle will retract the deadbolt so avoiding accidentally locking a person in the room.
    The key can be used to retract the latchbolt and so may be issued for cleaning and security staff use.