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Cabinet Lock CL1000
Cabinet Lock CL1000
  • Supplier: CODELOCKS
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 08/04/2009
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Product Specifications
  • .New 10-button keypad

    .User Codes are 4 digits long

    .Master and Sub-Master Codes are 8 digits long

    .Multiple User Code mode

    .One Time User Code mode (locker mode)

    .15,000 openings

    .Easy to fit in a matter of minutes

    .All parts/fixings/template included

    .Quick retrofit for cam locks

    .Fit to units that do not have an existing lock

    .Easy programming and code change

    ***Where to use the lock***

    The range of applications is enormous, just walk

    around and office, school, hospital, warehouse,

    nursery, sports centre, even the home to see the

    potential to fit the Cabinet Lock.

    .Key Cabinets

    .Filing Cupboards

    .Medical Cabinets

    .Hazardous Material Cupboards

    .IT Enclosures

    .Personal Lockers

    .Office Supplies Cupboards

    .First Aid Cabinets

    ***What is included***

    The Cabinet Lock is supplied as standard with two cams,

    but will accept the majority of other cam variations that will fit onto the CL1000's 8mm(5/16")square spindle.

    The Cabinet Lock is supplied with all the necessary

    fixings, template and operating instructions to fit

    the lock to the cupboard or cabinet.