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MS 20/30 WPU External Gate Maglock
MS 20/30 WPU External Gate Maglock
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Product Specifications
  • The MS20WPU 12 VDC has MS20 and 30 weatherproof magnets that are primarily used for locking pedestrian and vehicle gates. Magnets are fitted into stainless-steel housings with cables gland-fitted for conduit attachment; it also has extra-thick electroless nickel plating for maximum protection. The MS20 has adaptaflex conduit fittings; the MS30 has M20 conduit fittings. Special orders allow cables to exit from the rear rather than end; this allows convenient hidden wiring within the hollow post. The lock is protected to IP65, and the series has face fixes (no L brackets are required), a brushed stainless-steel case with standard surface and end cable glands. Holding force for the MS20 is up to250 kilograms, for the MS30, it is 500 kilograms.