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fingerprint lock ZKF-LOCK050

fingerprint lock ZKF-LOCK050

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Product Specifications
  • Product description:

    Noble and luxurious temperament, elegant and soft with fortitude quality,It is only use of radio frequency fingerprint scanner, and have intimate SMS alarm function.

    Product Features:

    > Fingerprint, key two ways to unlock.

    > Sweaty hands, dirty hands, hands peeling can be correctly identified

    > Exclusive to over the Country alarm device

    >DSP processor, RF-collection technology, only accept living dermal layer

    >Five tongue of electronic lock heart, the adoption of integrational standards to meet the ANSI standard

    >The lock body and parts using cast steel integration, silicone encapsulated, dust-proof, water-proof

    > When we go out on the handle to mention locked

    > Special indoor insurance tongue, lock door to anti-disturb

    > avoid oblique plug and pry alarm function.

    > with energy saving mode, emergency external power port

    > With low voltage alarm function

    Apply to places such as luxury villas, luxury apartments, intelligent community, administrative organs and the intelligent building.etc.

    Product parameters:

    > 4 AA (AAA) batteries for power supply.

    > Low voltage alarm (5V)

    > Static working current Dynamic working Current FAR: FRR: Fingerprint capacity: 440pcs

    > Average matching speed: Antistatic ability: anti-wear: 1 million times

    > working environment temperature: -30 ° C to +70 ° C

    > Max working Humidity: Lock Size: outer (285mm long X 75mm wide X 30mm high)

    Within (285mm X 75mm wide X 30mm high)