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fingerprint lock ZKF-LOCK010

fingerprint lock ZKF-LOCK010

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Product Specifications
  • Functional parameters:

    Sensor: optical ( or capacitive )

    ways to Unlock : fingerprint, password and keypad.

    Feature: automatically up slide after touch buttons

    Material: Zinc Alloy

    Working voltage: DC 3.6 ~~ 6.0V (4 AA (AAA) batteries for power supply.)

    Fingerprint enter time: <0.5 s.

    Area of collection: 14 X 18mm

    Mode of Contrast: (1:1)

    Mode of Search:(1: n)

    Angle of contrast: 360

    Signature File: 256 bytes

    Template files: 512 bytes

    Storage capacity: 880pcs

    Security Level: five (from low to high: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    FAR: <0.001% (security level 3)

    FRR: <0.1% (security level 3)

    Search time: <1.0 s (1:1000, the mean)

    Working environment:

    Working Temperature: -20 to +65

    Relative Humidity: 40% RH-85% RH (non condensing)

    Storage Environment:

    Working Temperature: -40 to +85

    Relative humidity: <85% H (no condensation)

    optional features: GSM warning to text messgae (when someone pulled out key front cover trigger SMS alarm ,5 set phone will be call, and monitor the site situation)