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RF principle dermal sensor

RF principle dermal sensor

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  • ZKF-02Y fingerprint scanner is a the RF principle dermal sensor (scrat sliding type), used the most advanced vivo dermal fingerprint technology to read the part of the fingers inside of dermal cell layer. Compared to read the finger surface information, ZKF-02Y fingerprint scanner can be highly accurate identification.Don’t susceptible to water and dirt, etc., For the market are development, in order to the application software integrators and end user,our company develop the B / S system, the means is, anywhere to operate without having to install any special software. Only need a internet computer to fingerprint authentication, It is simplify to system development, maintenance and use.

    Fingerprint scanner Features:

    1. Identify rate of fingerprint has been increased. Such as dry,wet,shallow hand etc.

    2. Can be automatically end image acquisition, and the quality of image is better and better.

    3, Strong anti-counterfeiting fingerprint ability . only response for human dermal skin, to avoid the artificial fingerprint.

    4, Strong antistatic ability : Be suitable for dry,easy to static place.

    5,Temperature Range: be suitable for particularly cold or particularly hot areas

    ZKF-02Y fingerprint scanner applicat for computer:

    1.The computer login control: don’t need to remember complex passwords.more safe.

    2. File Protection: file encryption settings to be used fingerprint, to protect the security of confidential information and personal files.

    3. Password managed: Through the personal fingerprint associated with variety of account / password, easy login mail, MSN, etc. Replace the user name and password.

    4. The computer power off from timer, meantime it can be set period of time of many timer. Parents can control use interenet time of the child. The manager can be control of important sectors of computer use.

    Widely used in: social security fingerprint scanner, medical insurance fingerprint scanner, driving school training fingerprint management system, vehicle scheduling fingerprint authentication, computer and network security, Internet shopping means of payment require authentication occasions

    technology indicators:

    anti-wear: 1 million times

    The antistatic indicators: ± 15KV

    Fingerprint capacity: 162pcs (can be increaded to 930pcs)

    Working voltage: 5v

    Working Current: 100 mA. peak current: 150mA

    Fingerprint image enter time: <0.5 seconds

    FAR: <0.0001% (security level 3)

    FRR : <0.001% (security level 3)

    Comparison time: ≤ 1 s

    method of Authentication : support Fingerprint Authentication (1:1) and fingerprint search (1: N)

    Signature File: 256 bytes

    Template files: 512 bytes

    Security Level: five (from low to high: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Working environment:

    Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

    Relative Humidity: 40% RH ~ 85% RH (non-condensing)

    Relative humidity: <85% H (no condensation)

    Communication Interface: RS-232 standard interface / USB standard interface

    Fingerprint scanner volume: 97 × 48 × 18mm

    Effective collection area: 6.5mm × 0.41mm