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optical fingerprint device

optical fingerprint device

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Product Specifications
  • dentifying methods:

    Range of applications: access control system, social security system, the banking system, financial identity identification, attendance system.

    Product Features: streamlined product design, desktop products ,to be more human;

    Own advantages: exclusive and create three different fingerprint sensors are used interchangeably, more choices.

    Hardware features: fingerprint authentication to people, safe and accurate ,easy to use;

    Recognition speed: ultra-fast speed of fingerprint identification;

    Recognition rate: the world''''''''s leading fingerprint algorithm, Favorable adaptability to difficult fingers like dry, wet, dirty etc;

    Fast data transfer;

    The lightweight design, easy to carry;

    Wear-resistant, shock-resistant destructive, anti-static interference.

    The software features have the windows system login function;

    Can be used to lock the computer screen;

    Can file encryption, decryption;