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iButton Biometric Integration System

iButton Biometric Integration System

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Product Specifications
  • Combining ruggedly durable iButton identity with secure biometric recognition, the iButton Biometric Integration System (ib-IS) provides portable, low-cost, fast, easy-to-use personal verification.

    Authorized personnel are enrolled and gain access by presenting iButtons and scanning fingerprints. Scans must match individual biometric data stored on the iButton. Biometric verification ensures that the right people are present not just their PINs or IDs. Total fingerprint-verification time is in less than one second

    Other features include unique, unalterable factory-lasered PINs, low-cost ID tokens, rugged, portable ID tokens suited for harsh environments--both indoors and outdoors--and 10 year durability. iButton may be also used in conjunction with single or multiple (layered) biometric-recognition technologies