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ACUMEN int. Corp.
Special Offer! The autumn sales continue!
Source: Acumen
Date: 2011/07/21
ACUMEN Int. Corp. is launching a new video surveillance kit Alisa.
The Kit focuses on the end users, who, with a minimum set of technical skills can install themselves a CCTV system. Alisa is an ideal kit for video surveillance at home, in cottages, offices, small stores and warehouses.

Alisa includes a compact 4 channels DVR based on the popular new DVR Ai-D346.

The technology of compression H.264 guarantees a high degree of video compression while maintaining a recording of high quality. The kit includes a Western Digital hard disk of 500 GB to record up to 1 month. Everything in Alisa is thought to maximize the efficiency of obtaining a video surveillance system.

The kit also includes 4 cameras, the 2 cameras Ai-WP32, ideal choice for use on the street and with a code of protection IP67. This code means the cameras are fully protected against the dust and humidity. The camera Ai-WP32 can stand temperatures between -55 and + 55 degrees. It has also a day / night function, so when in critical illumination, it transforms the recording mode from color to black & white. The IR range of the camera Ai-WP32 is 30 meters. Are also included 2 cylindrical cameras Ai-BU32, this camera is perfectly functioning in unheated rooms or under the canopy roof. The video surveillance Alisa is a fully linked set, ready for use, with a non-less important collection of wires and power supply.

ACUMEN Int. Corp. announces a special offer to promote the kit Alisa. A discount of 65 USD will be offered for every orders completed before the 1st of December 2010. Do not miss the opportunity to introduce to your clients a unique set of Alisa.
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