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ACUMEN int. Corp.
Acumen IR security cameras inspired by sharks
Source: Acumen
Date: 2011/07/22
As inspired by the shape and characteristics of sharks, the latest series of Acumen IR security cameras are now offered in a brand new streamlined design.

"Akula" in Russian means "shark", one of the most highly sensitive fish in its species. As inspired by the shape of sharks, the latest series of Acumen IR cameras, called "Acula-men", are now available in the brand new streamlined design.

A shark can stay on the seabed, breathing through its gills, eyes remaining open and keeping track of what’s happening around it. The similarity of the new series to this deep sea legendary inhabitant is not only llimited to its appearance but also in its intrinsic characteristics. The "Acula-men" allows for control and monitoring even remotely, whilst away from site.

It is said that in the Slavik myths, sharks were regarded as guardians of the sea and the people’s defenders. The "Acula-men" IR security camera series has the highest resolution of 700 TVL with wide dynamic range function, the video output images are as vivid as those received through human eyes. In using the Acumen security cameras, the audio and video signals are perfectly synchronised in a single system.

In contrast to other surveillance cameras, Acumen security cameras are not only used for control or security surveillance, but also as the analytical device. These security cameras have been designed with a wide range of extra analytical functions, such as face recognition, motion detection, motion + face detection, 4 alarm outputs, alarm detection with 2X zoom in, plus a programmable schedule. This makes the 24/7 security surveillance as vigilant and precise as the sharks in the deep oceans.
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