ACUMEN int. Corp.
ACUMEN int. Corp.
Mobile DVR Ai-DM48
Source: Acumen
Date: 2011/07/20
According to various surveys, a rising requirment for mobile DVRs has been observed in market, especially for the purpose of transportation, public places and locations which need these particular devices. With unique design, functionality and convenience, the mobile DVR Ai-DM48 of Acumen Int. Corp. is outstanding among these big names of manufacturers.

Nowadays, for most security / surveillance products, traditional analog storage equipment can no longer meet the needs of current use condition, consequently leading to ineffective monitoring: when an event occurs, those devices, unfortunately, cannot provide any important clues. As a result, the police and investigative agencies are desperately looking for a way to improve this inconveniency by employing more effective tools in order to protect people's lives and safety.

Mobile video recorder Ai-DM48 can assists the police in time in collecting evidence and avoiding delays in investigation. Furthermore, at the moment when events occur, images of offender’s license plate data will be sent to the control center immediately and automatically through global network systems and positioning systems. When the control center receives warning notice, a timely response can be immediately sent out to authorities concerned so as to give effective support and provides crime information and the location of vehicles.

As to its main feature functions, Power Delay Out can avoid burnout caused by transient voltage surge, up to 30A current as buffer; Backup on SD card is easy to use and is able to avoid backup loss caused by the road shock; H – 264 baseline profile video compression/decompression allows bigger recording capacity and best configurable video quality.

Specifications of mobile DVR Ai-DM48, including:
4 CH.
SD Card Backup
RS - 485 menu controlling PTZ devices.
2 audio and video synchronization
Connection to DPS devices
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