ACUMEN int. Corp.
ACUMEN int. Corp.
Acumen Int. Corp. at the seminar in Veliky Novgorod
Source: Acumen Int. Corp.
Date: 2012/02/14
December 14, 2011 Acumen Int. Corp. attended the seminar on "Application of the equipment to Information Security" organized by the Technological and Export Control Department of Northwestern Federal District. Among the attendants were governors of the Northwestern Federal District, the leaders of Federal Security Agencies and the Governors of Novgorod Oblast Sergey Mitin Gerasimovich.

Acumen presented “the CCTV system in the controlled areas". Two models of DVR, all-weather cameras, Speed dome Ai-ST28 with the control panel Ai-CO94 have been demonstrated. Our technical specialists explained different types of video surveillance systems, provided advices on the selection of equipment and focused on the CMS software server and its application to the non-standard situation. Combination usage of Speed Dome and All-Weather cameras (motion detection, preset points setting and cruise function…etc) has been introduced as well. At the mean time, we gave thorough demonstration and consultancy to local technicians on how to correctly use and repair the CCTV system equipment.
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