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  • Russian Market Booms With Oil Prices
    The Russian market remains subject to fluctuating oil prices, a harsh reality in a global economy. While the economic recession made its mark, Russia is seeing renewed market activity in the public and private sectors, attracting players from all over the world. Russia is the largest country in
    Editor / Provider: The Editorial Team | Updated: 2011 / 9 / 13
  • US Market Update: ADT Private Security Services
    We have been around in Mexico since 1999, and we are currently No. 1 security and safety service provider, with more than 126,000 customers (40 percent in residential, 60 percent in commercial and enterprise). We are also the only one in Mexico certified by the Ministry of Public Security, as we scr
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by ADT Private Security Services | Updated: 2011 / 8 / 16
  • Security A Top Priority-for Mexican Government and Businesses
    The world's 12th largest economy and the second largest Latin American market for security electronics, Mexico boasts great potential due to its ongoing internal security threats, government initiatives and business investments. No stranger to high-end products and services, the country is, in many
    Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu | Updated: 2011 / 8 / 16
  • Sky is the Limit: Airport Security Soaring into Smart Management
    Heightened aviation security since the 9/11 attacks and subsequent terrorist threats has brought along increased awareness, for danger can be detected or deterred before brought into the air. As new airports continue to be constructed and existing ones upgraded, newer technologies like HD video s
    Editor / Provider: Camille Shieh | Updated: 2011 / 7 / 4
  • Think Outside the Box with New Financing Options
    The financial downturn tightened lending in many industries, introducing changes to channel dynamics. A&S talks to security solution providers on how they have adapted to market conditions with options like leasing to help customers.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2011 / 6 / 14
  • Health Care Institutions Unify Safe Access to Information and Places
    Unseen dangers such as identity theft and infant abduction are often shadowed by the busy and buzzing atmosphere found in health care facilities. As security concerns in health care facilities increase, more and more institutions are combining their physical access control and logical access control
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2011 / 6 / 1
  • Security Industry Dynamics: April Came in with a Roar but Went out with a Whimper
    The first quarter results analyzed on Memoori, a site providing information involved in security industry, entitled “The Physical Security Industry in 15 Minutes” showed that both consolidation and investment had slowed down significantly. In the first quarter of this year the number of acquisitions
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Memoori Business Intelligence | Updated: 2011 / 5 / 5
  • World Security Equipment and Services Markets to 2014
    According to Freedonia, global security equipment demand will rise 7.4 percent annually through 2014. China, India, Russia and Turkey will register double-digit annual growth, while North America posts gains well above the global average. Electronic security products will remain dominant and greatly
    Editor / Provider: Freedonia | Updated: 2011 / 4 / 28
  • Personnel Tracking of the Week
    O'Neal, who brings significant global experience in business consulting and the electronics industry, joins Linear from Gibson Guitar. There he served as President of the company's North American operations. O'Neal also served as CEO of several high-tech electronics corporations, such as Phillips Ac
    Editor / Provider: Linear, Protection 1, Seagate, Norbain | Updated: 2011 / 4 / 15

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