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  • How lidar contributes to smarter retail
    Smart retail entails the use of security and IoT solutions to help retailers learn more about customer behavior and increase conversion. Thi...
    Editor / Provider: William Pao | Updated: 2021 / 8 / 5
  • Why lidar can be a viable option for retailers
    Lidar is an emerging technology with applications in autonomous vehicles, security and even in retail. In this note, we discuss why lidar ca...
    Editor / Provider: William Pao | Updated: 2021 / 8 / 3
  • The benefits that AIoT can bring
    AIoT is all about connected sensors and the data they generate. This brings a lot of convenience to the everyday life. Specifically, AIoT ha...
    Editor / Provider: a&s Editorial Team | Updated: 2020 / 10 / 19
  • Two AI solutions to revitalize retail business
    One sector that can benefit from AI is retail, especially physical stores that are now in constant need to optimize shops and improve servic...
    Editor / Provider: William Pao | Updated: 2020 / 4 / 7