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  •  The future of collaborative decision management
    Getting data to collaborate can be vital for gaining previously unimagined understanding. When we bring datasets from disparate sources toge...
    Editor / Provider: Genetec | Updated: 2019 / 4 / 26
  • Smart home companies hone in on growing US elder care market
    As countries around the world prepare for a future with aging populations, many smart home companies are investing in the development of eld...
    Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom, Freelancer & Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 2019 / 4 / 25
  • Putting AI to work for the security industry
    Whether it's Deep Blue playing chess or any of the smart devices in your home, it seems that we're seeing signs of Artificial Intelligence (...
    Editor / Provider: Genetec | Updated: 2019 / 4 / 25
  • Metrici is launching Parking Place Detector
    This introduction comes in addition to License Plate Recognition and Container Code Recognition engines. With this step Metrici moves beyond...
    Editor / Provider: Metrici | Updated: 2019 / 4 / 24
  • How to choose the right biometric modality
    Despite its increasing popularity, there is still some confusion among customers on what factors to consider when selecting a biometric acce...
    Editor / Provider: Prasanth Aby Thomas, Consulting Editor | Updated: 2019 / 4 / 23