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  • Components that make ideal smart parking solution
    Eventually, the final components that go into a parking solution depend on the customer's requirements, the location, local regulations....
    Editor / Provider: Prasanth Aby Thomas, Consultant Editor | Updated: 2020 / 3 / 25
  • Vanderbilt expands cloud and integration network
    Vanderbilt is working with partners to further integrate its product offerings, as well as promote its cloud solution....
    Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom, Freelancer & Jill Lai | Updated: 2020 / 2 / 12
  • How ITS can get a boost from 5G
    At its core, ITS makes use of data transmitted between different sensors. In this regard, data transmission can be enhanced with 5G, which s...
    Editor / Provider: William Pao | Updated: 2020 / 2 / 6
  • Challenges to implementing new hotel technologies
    New hotel technology doesn't comes cheap or easy; however, the benefits for hoteliers could far outweigh the initial costs and concerns....
    Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom, Freelancer | Updated: 2019 / 12 / 9