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  • ONVIF announces new chairman
    ONVIF, the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, is pleased to announce the appointment of Leon...
    Editor / Provider: ONVIF | Updated: 2021 / 2 / 26
  • 3 Steps for manufacturers to get ready for 5G
    5G network technology has been launched for commercial use. More deployments for industrial IoT are expected in 2020. As manufacturers who w...
    Editor / Provider: Elvina Yang | Updated: 2019 / 11 / 15
  • How does 5G look in industrial IoT
    5G, the next generation of mobile broadband, has written its first page in history this year, after being launched in countries like the USA...
    Editor / Provider: Elvina Yang | Updated: 2019 / 10 / 23
  • What are some of the ways to boost IoT security?
    Needless to say, the Internet of Things is a growing phenomenon, with more and more devices connected to the Internet each day. While this h...
    Editor / Provider: William Pao, a&s International | Updated: 2019 / 5 / 29