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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: WALE Model Number: WL-JS-0220L/0420L/0620L/0820 Usage: Window Number of beams: 2 beams, 4 beams, 6 beams, 8 beams working voltage: DC10.5-24V; AC11-18V Case material: Aluminum alloy Lamp-house: IR digital pulse count Response time: 20ms-120ms Temperature: -25 degree to 55 degree Horizontal adjust: 360° color: black detector model: fence detector Tamper output: NC contact rating AV/DC 24V/0.5mA
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Packaging Details: Each unit is packed in an independent box with an English user manual.
Delivery Detail: Sample within 2-3 working days, Largely depends on the quantity

Active infrared beam sensor
security infrared beam sensor
active ir beam sensor
laser be

Name: Outdoor Active Infrared beam sensor/ fence detector for Perimeter Security

Outdoor Active Infrared Fence Detector for Perimeter Security

How Does it Work?

There are several components that may be used in a laser security system. For generalization purposes, this article will cover the most common features. This includes:

Circuit Board
The circuit board for a laser security system usually includes a microchip, a voltage regulator, a battery, a resistor and a photo cell. It’s possible to make your own circuit board for a laser security system, as long as you have access to the proper tools and materials.

Pet Immunity
Since lasers are so easily triggered, many laser security systems also include a pet immune feature. If your system does not have pet immunity, you may want to place your laser security system at a height where it will not accidentally cause your pets to trigger the alarm.

Audible Alarm
As a deterrent, a laser security system may include an audible alarm. This alarm will be triggered when one of the laser beams is broken, signaling that the system detected movement.

Text Message Alerts
When a laser security system detects movement inside your home, it may be able to send you a text message alert. This can be done even if you have built the system yourself, as long as you have a fair bit of electrical knowledge.

Model WL-JS-0220L WL-JS-0420L WL-JS-0620L WL-JS-0820L
Outdoor alert distance 20m 20m 20m 20m
Indoor alert distance 60m 60m 60m 60m
beams 2 4 6 8
effective length(cm) 28 63 116 158
total length(cm) 36 71 128 166
Lamp-house IR digital pulse count
Response time 20ms-120ms
working voltage DC10.5-24V: AC11-18V
working current Caster ≤90mA ≤160mA ≤175mA ≤175mA
Receiver ≤70mA ≤70mA ≤70mA ≤70mA
Temperature —25°C~55°C
Temperature 5%-95%(RH)
Tamper output NC contact rating AV/DC 24V/0.5mA
Horizontal Fence Detector
adjust 360°
Case material Aluminum alloy
Remark Wita a "L" suffix is wired output mode,with a "W" is wireless
Outdoor Active Infrared beam sensor/ fence detector for Perimeter Security
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Outdoor Active Infrared beam sensor/ fence detector for Perimeter Security
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