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Vista's VK2 mobile solution for the VIP2 range of cameras offers a powerful option for managing cameras and recorded footage via your mobile device. This provides you with the flexibility, usability and security to manage data from your CCTV system whenever and wherever is convenient to you.

Currently supporting Google Android, with support for Apple devices coming soon, Vista’s mobile solution allows you to control cameras, go to presets, set alarms and initiate tours, providing you with complete control of your cameras. The split screen function gives you the ability to view up to six cameras, both live and on playback, offering a great overview of the entire system or of user-defined groups of cameras.

If there are intruders on site, the 2-way audio allows you to listen to their activity. This provides an excellent tool for police as criminals often unwittingly identify themselves or give vital details away, not realising that their conversations are being recorded. It also provides you with the means to communicate with the intruders, warning them that their activities are being monitored.

For selected camera models, configuration can be carried out directly via the Vista app, modifying aspects such as video resolution, frame rate, image stream and audio. The app also provides the user with a quick and inexpensive maintenance tool, e.g. for checking firmware.


Norbain Vista mobile solution – manage your CCTV system on the go
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Norbain Vista mobile solution – manage your CCTV system on the go
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