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Key Specifications
Integrated security service system with burglar alarm, fire alarm, CCTV surveillance and relay module, programmable output port to connect with electric door, alarm lighting etc.
It has built-in NVR and can connect up to 6 POE camera.
Free PC software CMS with powerful security monitor and management. It has different levels of authority.
EAVS-2506 is an integrated host of alarm video using H.265 video compression. The host supports six POE channels for HD network video access and multi-channel wired, wireless, and bus defense zones. Built-in 2G/4G network module and TCP/IP network module, double network communication, stable and reliable performance. With HD monitoring, intelligent anti-theft, two-way intercom, intelligent home appliances, remote control, centralized management and other features. Widely used in residential areas, villas, families, shops, supermarket chains, office buildings, enterprises and institutions and other fields, all-round protection of personal and property safety.
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Main functions:
1. communication ways:
Supports PSTN, 2G/4G, and TCP/IP network communication modes.
2. System Integration
Set video, alarm, smart home in one, one key intelligent management.
3. Connectivity
The ONVIF protocol is supported by many major brand network cameras.
4. Centralized management
IPC centralized preview, centralized video, video playback, centralized equipment management.
5. Remote control
Supports remote control on mobile phones, PCS, ipads, and Internet Explorer.
6. Data concurrency
Two independent IP communication networks, data concurrent to both platforms.
7. Multiple functions
Two-way intercom, motion detection, POE power supply, routing, and so on.

You can add 1080p POE camera, motion sensor, remote control, door contact and more to the alarm host for your security service need. It supports up to 4TG hard disk for local video recording.
Alarm and surveillance video record EAVS-2506B with built-in NVR
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