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Key Specifications
Alarm location display panel fire floor screen
TCFS5089 TC brand LPCB approval professional intelligent addressable fire alarm system.
Model No.: TCFS5089
It is used to display the fire location and related information of a certain floor or fire zone, and at the same time send out an sounder strobe alarm signals to inform people in nearby areas.
* Display Fire Alarm position and information for certain floor or fire protection zone, give out audio and visual alarm signal to inform nearby personnel
* Max 12 TCFS5089 Fire Display Panel per loop
* Wiring: four bus system
* Display range: any 512 alarm points within nearby 5 loops on its locating loop mainboard
* Chinese comment display
* Dimension: 180mm× 110mm× 40mm
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According to the specification requirements, the centralized alarm system and the control center alarm system need to be equipped with graphic display device (CRT system). The graphic display device is installed in the fire control center, which is used to simulate the building plane layout of the fire trigger device and linkage device on site, and can truthfully reflect the fire, linkage condition and fault situation on site.

The graphic display device can display the general layout of the building, the building plan of each protected object, the system diagram, and the names and evacuation routes of each protected object and the main parts. And can display automatic fire alarm and linkage control system and its control of all kinds of fire fighting equipment name, physical location and dynamic information of each fire fighting equipment.
The graphic display device receives the fire alarm signal or linkage control signal issued by the fire alarm controller and the fire linkage controller. When there is fire alarm signal and linkage signal input, the graphic display device should be able to display the corresponding building location and building plan of the alarm part, indicate the physical location of the alarm part on the building plan, record the alarm time, alarm part and other information.
The graphical display device can query and display the physical location and corresponding real-time status information of each fire fighting device in the monitored object system in the monitoring area.
Fire Alarm Repeater Floor Display Panel
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