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Key Specifications
Fire Fighting system products include fire fighting panel, gas release lamp, manual release station, conventional smoke detector, gas detector, conventional heat detector, UV or IR flame detector.
Automatic gas fire extinguishing system must be installed in power distribution room, communication room, etc. When the target area detector sends a fire alarm, the gas extinguishing controller drives the audible and visual alarm and linkage closes the fire door and air conditioning and other ventilation systems. After the delay time, carbon dioxide and HFc-227ea are injected to extinguish the fire.
fire alarm
Gas fire extinguishing device and foam fire extinguishing device usually adopt independent fire extinguishing controller. When the fire detector in its protected area is directly connected to the fire extinguishing controller, the alarm linkage control of each stage and the feedback signal of the system shall be immediately fed back to the fire extinguishing linkage controller, and the fire extinguishing linkage controller shall start the alarm linkage control process according to the specification requirements.

After the fire linkage controller receives the feedback signal, is it necessary to activate all the fire audible and visual alarms and fire broadcasting in the building? Is it necessary to turn on the smoke control and exhaust system and the emergency lighting evacuation indicator system?

When receiving confirmation after a fire alarm signal, sound and light alarm should start building all fires, fire emergency broadcasting, should start the fire related area of the exhaust system (such as evacuation aisle, etc.) start the fire smoke of fire zone system, and should press the fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating system technology standard to start the emergency lighting evacuation indicator system.

Refer to fire alarm and fire fighting diagram and manual at fire alarm.

There are three starting modes of the gas fire extinguishing system: automatic starting, manual electrical starting and mechanical emergency operation.

The automatic start of the gas fire extinguishing system is divided into manned protection area and unmanned protection area
fire alarm fire automatic fighting gas extinguishing system
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