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Key Specifications
Relay output smoke alarm AC power smoke detector
1. Smoke detector works with 220V AC power supply. Work indicator light is on during normal working status. When alarm, the alarm indicator light up and sound alarm.
2. Smoke alarm has relay output with N/C or N/O contact output. When there is no smoke, you can choose power off reset or automatic reset.
3. The smoke detector has installing base and can be well installed easy.

1. Photoelectric Sensor
2. Power off reset or automatic reset for option
3. Intelligent logic control, filter all kinds of false positives
4. Relay N/C or N/O output. Output contact capacity 1A
5. AC power supply 220V
6. Alarm indicator: red LED
7. Alarm sound greater than 75dB
8. Dust-proof, insect-proof, anti-white light interference
9. Anti-jamming Rf interference (20V/m ~ 1GHz). High reliability

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Relay output smoke alarm AC power smoke detector
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