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Key Specifications
MD-2002R gas detector should only work with same brand focus meian tech manufactured alarm panel such as ST-VGT, ST-IIB, HA-IIGW and remote controller, siren strobe.
It has a built-in transmitter to send an alarm signal, and has a buit in back up battery.
When the detector senses that the concentration of combustible gas in the ambient air is higher than the set alarm value, the alarm will continue to alarm, until the concentration of combustible gas in the ambient air is lower than the set value, the alarm will stop.
New Nanotechnology sensor;
English LCD screen
Automatic reset, it will disconnect automatically, when obviate alarm;
Gas detected: coal gas 、natural gas 、LPG(liquefied petroleum gas);
Automatic fault detection;
With solenoid valve drive functions, automatic or manual on / off solenoid valve.
Detection gas: natural gas (methane)
Alarm concentration: 8%LEL (default factory setting)
Alarm concentration error: ±3%LEL
Power supply voltage: DC12V
Working frequency :433MHz
Normal working current: ≤100mA;
Maximum current at alarm time (in the case of no valve connection) :≤250mA
Maximum working current of valve: ≤300mA
Valve control voltage :DC12V
Open the valve automatically when power on, close the valve when alarm.
You need to shop the solenoid valve at if you need it.
With liquid crystal display, real-time monitoring of environmental concentration, 3~13%LEL alarm concentration can be set.
gas detector With solenoid valve drive functions and LCD display
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