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Key Specifications
HB-LD-32 is HB brand compatible 32 relay contact output linkage module. It can only be used with same brand alarm panel HB-G100.
The 32 relay contact can be set to link with multiple alarm zones. One alarm zone can be set to link with one relay contact output only.
The link correction can be checked.
Relay contact status can be set to keep from 15999s.
The relay contact can be linked with CCTV system for surveillance and video monitor.
Linkage of burglar alarm and video surveillance system:
Larger security projects require the linkage of alarm system and video surveillance. But the anti-theft alarms and video surveillance equipment are made by different manufacturers.Their communication protocols are different.Therefore, a certain way is needed to set the linkage of these two devices. There are three linkage modes of burglar alarm and video surveillance system.
1.The linkage of alarm device and DVR/NVR (relay output signal linkage)
The alarm panel has 485 communication interface, it will send alarm data to linkage module when it receives alarm from wired and wireless detectors. The linkage module (always 32 channels) will be connected with DVR/NVR and transfer the alarm data to DVR/NVR (the DVR/NVR should have alarm linkage input interface). The linkage function can be set on the DVR/NVR software.
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2.The linkage of alarm and network camera
The alarm host will communicate with alarm center when it receives alarm signal from wired or wireless detectors. (If the alarm host has GPRS or TCP/IP network, it can communicate with the alarm center directly. If the alarm host has no network but with 485 interface, it can connect with network module and communicate with alarm center.) Then the alarm center will communicate with the video surveillance server and ask for relative network camera video information. Then the required network camera video information will be got and displayed.
3.Linkage of alarm and network video server
The alarm host will communicate with video server and ask for relative network camera video information when it receives alarm signal from wireless or wired detectors. Then the obtained video information will be displayed on video alarm center.

Relay contact module for surveillance alarm linkage
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