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Key Specifications
It is designed for door, window or balcony area protection.
Functions and Specification:
1.It adopts 2 groups dual PIR and MW technology.
2.Sealed design for weather proof features.
3.Pet immunity for maximum 25kgs and strong interference resistance.
4.Detection distance:3m/25℃
5.Detection angle:20°
6.With function of tamper-resistant, self testing, low voltage testing, status report, pulse option etc.
7.2 groups direction for optional.
8.Sensitivity is adjustable to be suitable for different environment.
9.Working voltage:9VDC ~15VDC
10.Consumption current:100uA(standby), 35mA(alarm)
11.Installation: Wall mounted at height 1.8m ~2.4m
Wired outdoor infrared detector used to detect intrusion via infrared thermal radiation of moving object.
The advantages of wired outdoor infrared detector is:
1.Power supply is stable and without low power problem.
2.Size is small with good concealment, not easy to be found and destroy.
However, the wired passive infrared detector also has the following disadvantages:
1.The signal amplitude is small, easy to be disturbed by various heat sources, light sources.
2.Poor penetration, the infrared radiation of the human body is easy to be blocked and not easy to be received on the receiver beam side.
3.When the ambient temperature is close to the human body temperature, the detection sensitivity decreases obviously, sometimes causing short-term failure.
4.The main direction of motion detected is the transverse direction of motion, and the ability to detect objects moving in the radial direction is poor.
5.The wiring may destroy the original decoration, later maintenance is more troublesome.
Wireless outdoor detector
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Balcony, window protection Wired curtain PIR with MW detector
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