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Key Specifications
This tool is used by home owners, commercial maintenance staff, and fire safety inspectors. With the Smoke Detector Pole you can make testing your smoke detectors safe and easy. No more ladders, brooms, sticks, or inconvenience.
Created by a housing inspector, the patent pending design makes it possible for anyone to test smoke detectors quickly and with ease.
Max. Pole length is 5m
Easy to use,all the parts in one case
Smoke testing pole for fire alarm system
The installation of fire detectors and manual call points is one of the main part of the installation of fire alarm and linkage system.
With the development of intelligent fire-fighting technology, there are more types of fire detectors and manual push buttons, and the installation and wiring method may be different.
1.Method for determining the installation position of fire detectors
Although the fire detector type, quantity and general distribution are determined in the design drawing, the location of the fire detector should be determined according to the specific situation of the site in the construction process.
Electrical fire monitoring system refers to the system that can send out alarm signal, control signal and indicate the alarm location when the detected parameters in the protected circuit exceed the alarm setting value. Different from the traditional automatic fire alarm system, the modern intelligent electric fire monitoring system alarms can avoid fire accident cause of its early alarm before fire happens while traditional automatic fire alarm system can alarm when fire happens. So in addition to industrial use, intelligent electrical fire monitoring system is increasingly used in some public places and commercial centers.
1.Encode the installed detector, manual alarm button and various modules (input and output modules) according to the system design drawing. If there is no codes of detector and various modules on the drawing, the debugging personnel should cooperate with the construction party to mark the actual address codes of detector and various modules accurately on the drawing.
2-zone panel is very suitable for small business fire security.

Smoke detector testing instrument fire system inspection
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