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Key Specifications
Fire alarm relay output Fault relay output IR2 EXdIICT6

Product function and composition

A705/IR2 can be applied to the need to monitor the implementation of the fire place, quickly found that the fire may cause the burning flame, issued in a timely manner

Fire alarm.

A705/IR2 is converted to electrical signal by two infrared pyroelectric sensors which work in different bands.

Signal input industrial computing chip for comparison, operation and processing, with the detecter&anysafe II Ir dedicated intelligent control software, you can Send out a fire alarm in time.

A705/IR2 uses the aluminum die-casting flameproof shell, has good protective properties and explosion-proof, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, can work for a long time

In the indoor, outdoor and all kinds of special industrial places.

Sensor sharp probe AE-S708/4 and AE-S708/5 infrared pyroelectric sensor

Optical window :white gems (Al2O3)


L material: aluminum alloy

L molding process: Die Casting

L coating process: surface electrostatic powder coating, internal metal passivation treatment.

The weight is less than 1kg

Explosion proof and protection l anti explosion: EXd II CT6

L protection: IP66

Working parameters

Project specifications or status

Minimum standard of power supply

18VDC (can be customized 12VDC) 30VDC 24VDC

The current monitoring status of less than 15mA, the alarm state is less than or equal to 35mA

Pre heating time 60s

Fire alarm when the monitored area is found in the fire, the detector into the fire state;

Fire alarm output relay action, red fire indicator light;

Fault alarm

When the sensor, power supply and other anomalies are found, the detector enters into the fault alarm state;

Fault output relay action, yellow fault indicator light;

When the fire and failure occurred at the same time, the priority of the fire;

Multistage adjustable alarm threshold (by bar set)

Monitor the state each time the green light flashes to indicate the alarm threshold

Alarm delay 0-30S adjustable (factory set to 0S)

A combination model of hardware compensation and intelligent software compensation for drift compensation sensor

Can effectively compensate for the temperature, environmental changes and components of the long-term work of drift

Interference source suppression can effectively suppress the impact of non flame interference sources, such as the sun (direct and reflection), commonly used artificial light source, background

Radiation source, heat moving objects, electric welding, etc.

Indicator light

Explosion Proof Dual IR Flame Detector relay output
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