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Key Specifications
Alarm Control Panel is designed and manufactured to meet the requirement of BS EN54 Part 2&4.

TX7004 comprise of a range of analogue addressable, microprocessor based fire alarm control equipment to offer flexibility in both design and operation. The System is modular concept for easy tailoring of system design, to meet the full requirements of the project.

The TX7004 is designed to provide early warning fire detection, to quickly identify the location of fire and provide user definable text informing the occupants of the building of potential smoke spread.

Simultaneously, the TX7004 will alert and evacuate the occupants, and control all necessary auxiliary command functions such as elevator control, air handling shut down, gas shut off & damper control, as per the cause and effects requirements configured though Command Builder Set-up

The TX7004 modular construction panel, capable of supervising two monitored detection loops expandable up to four [4] loops on standalone basis. Each loop is capable to accommodate of 254 addressable devices of any combination with T&A protocols, namely intelligent sounder strobe

TX7300 & intelligent sounder TX7320 complying with EN 54-3, rate of rise and fixed temperature heat detector TX7110 complying with EN 54-5, photoelectric smoke detector TX7100 complying with EN 54-7, intelligent manual call point TX7140 complying with EN 54-11, intelligent reflective beam detector (TX7130) complying with EN 54-12, input and output module TX7200, TX7210, TX7220 complying with EN54-18, and loop isolator TX7230 complying with EN 54-17. The T&A devices are fully loop powered to support saving cost of the cable.

These systems incorporate a number of features to allow easy operation through a user-friendly menu. The TX7004 has a LCD touch screen and Keypad menus for alternative operation with large button access to operate the keypad control by fire brigade personnel providing total user-friendly interface for browsing and programming. Added the commission features such as colour coded loop mapping, dual address and device mismatch monitoring, one-man test, simplified command builder’s configuration that has proved to be highly rated by both commissioning and service engineers.

The Control Panel has multiple built-in features. The loop card has built-in surge protection and the communication card interface support multiple interface protocol such as USB, Ethernet, CAN Bus, Serial, RS485, Fiber Optic in one singe card.

LPCB CERT Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel 2 loops
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