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Key Specifications
Gas detector with Microprocessor Control technology to ensure highest level of safety assurance. It auto detect sensor failure and auto reset after alarm. It is equipped with Solenoid Valve and auto shut off gas supply. The equipment is ideal for villa, hotel and residential house where combustible gas is produced. It is with test mode and designed according to GB15322, UL1484, EN50194 and alarm at 10% LEL of flammable gas. The gas detector can work with exhaust fan.

Gas leakage detection system with solenoid valve can automatically shut off gas source at first time. So, it stop further dangers such as fire or explosion. It is necessary for gas used application such as kitchen. Welcome to contact us or visit our alarm system technical support at and get to know how to install the gas detector with solenoid valve for home or business gas safety.

Ambient Humidity: ≤95% RH

Alarm Horn: 85dB at 3m (10 feet)

Operating Voltage: AC90-270VAC

Power Consumption: <1.5W (Standby), <5W (Alarm)

Value of Detection Threshold (Lower Explosive Limit):

Natural Gas: 7500ppm (15%LEL)

LPG: 2000ppm (10%LEL)

Coal Gas: 800ppm (2%LEL)

Method of Alarm: Flashing Red LED with 85dB alarm

Warm Up Time: approximately 60 Seconds

Alarm Output: Sound and Light on spot

Accessories: Metal mounting bracket

Mounting screws with anchors

1.Gas species:methane, LPG, coal gas and other noncorrosive gases.

2.Valve body material: brass alloy

3.Material for sealing:NBR rubber

4.Operating temperature:-10℃~60℃

5.Test operating pressure: 25KPa

6.Connection style:G1/2(DN15A) 1/2"

7.Valve opening:reset manually

8.Valve closing: direct current pulse drive or manually

9.Driving voltage:9VDC to 15VDC

10.Driving current: <1.5A (pulse)

11.Closing time:<0.3s

12.Explosion-proof type: seal

13.Explosion-proof remark: ExmllT6

14.Connection mode: screw tighten

Gas Detector with Stop Valve
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