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Cyber Overwatch for Your Brand, Players, Recruits, Coaches, and Management Teams

Today threats can emerge from numerous places and with little to no warning. Professional sports teams face threats to their brand by the conduct and public image of their players & recruits, sentiment of their fans, and the off-field actions of their coaches and staff. Additionally, players, coaches, recruits, etc are targets for stalkers, criminals, confidence schemes and much more. Identifying and understanding in advance these threats to your brand and people is critical.

The information age has put vast amounts of Publicly Available Information (PAI) at our disposal, but being able to find the intelligence you need - and that is relevant to you - is a true challenge. Janus™, powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides highly tailored intelligence to your franchise to identify threats and potential issues early so you can take action to prevent problems, vice reacting to them.

Janus™ collects tailored intelligence from across the internet, deep web, dark net, dark web, social media, and thousands of other sources around the world. With built-in Automatic Language Detection & Translation (ALD&T), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Sentiment & Emotion Detection & Analysis (SEDA), Machine Vision, Machine Hearing, Predictive Analysis, Link Analysis, Pattern Analysis, and many other features, the power of Prometheus™ gives your coaches, managers, and franchise powerful insights into your fans, players, recruits, and the threats your face.

Our cadre of highly experience former US Intelligence Officers are available to assist you in analyzing and interpreting the intelligence collected, and assist with collection plans to suit your needs and objectives. | (360) 558-7382
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