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Key Specifications
Lighthouse is powerful tool for police departments and school districts. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence (AI), it monitors social media in a defined geographic area and identifies potential threats and public safety issues. Lighthouse is customizable and can monitor for things such as individuals that may pose an active shooter threat, cyber bullying in schools, sexual predator indicators, and other illegal activity of concern.

Lighthouse uses highly accurate geo-fencing to precisely collect threat intelligence from within those areas. Privacy concerns are alleviated, as Lighthouse only collects information that meets the threat thresholds established by the client, not just keywords. This is all possible due to the powerful and customizable patented AI powering Lighthouse. Leveraging this powerful and cutting edge AI with built-in Automatic Language Detection & Translation (ALD&T), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Object & Facial recognition, Video/Image & Audio processing, Geospatial capabilities, and sentiment/emotion detection & analysis, Lighthouse provides 24/7 coverage of Publicly Available Information (PAI) while only collecting threat information.

Lighthouse is deployed with customizable dashboards to visualize the threat information. Lighthouse also has the ability to establish threat alerts via text message, email, or automated phone calls. Knowing of potential problems allows authorities to take action in advance and prevent dangerous and harmful situations for the public. Let us tailor Lighthouse to fit the specific needs and concerns of your community. | (360) 558-7382
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