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Key Specifications
Telpo launched a temperature screening thermography camera V50 and a corresponding temperature measurement system.

It will conductive to quickly check and screen fever individuals and prevent epidemic spread.

1.Non-contact Fever Screening to avoid physical contact

Equipped with a distance sensor, automatic temperature screening Unobstructed, no need to wait.

2.Far-distance and large-area for monitoring

The temperature monitoring range is close to 2m,Supports simultaneous detection of multiple body temperatures


Measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃

Measurement distance:1.0-2m

3. Multi-person Dynamic Screening

Simultaneously measures the number of people reaching 4 people.

4. Simultaneously detect identification and body temperature

Once a high temperature is detected, the system will automatically alarm and display personnel labels.

5. Stay Connected with Speed and Ease

Support 4G, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

6.Cooperate with HD Display

15.6-inch Large Screen

Allow temperature check at a glance

7. Cloud data management and data synchronization

Data will be uploaded to the platform synchronously, which can facilitate data tracing and timely find the suspected person and close contact person.

Telpo V50 Temperature Screening Thermography Camera
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