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Key Specifications
To strike a balance between normal communication between students and their parents without carrying mobile phones to school, Telpo developed the outdoor video phone V300 in virtue of biometric technology and advanced IoT technology. It is suitable for face-to-face audio and video communication between students and parents, employees, and even family members.

1. Android 9+Octa-core OS ensure excellent performance and easy secondary development
2. 10-inch color screen with simple operation upgrades user experience
3. Hands-free microphone + magnetic induction phone handle
4. Support H.264 video decoding. Camera, video access control, and video call can be bounded to realize remote door opening and interconnection.
5. Support Opus, G.722, G.711a/u, G.729ab, iLBC, etc
Certificateļ¼šIP65 CE
Outdoor Video Phone V300
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