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Key Specifications
In general, a thermal camera module needs to periodically acquire reference data by actuating a mechanical shutter approximately every 2-3 minutes to achieve accurate temperature and stable thermal images. However, when the shutter closes some noise is generated by the shutter and the video will momentarily stop; and furthermore, there is a concern for the mechanical shutter’s durability. Now Tamron has developed a “Shutterless Thermal Camera Module” by adopting an amorphous silicon thermal sensor that has excellent temperature reproducibility during temperature changes. 

Since thermal camera modules can measure temperature and capture image in complete darkness, it enables “Observation” of patients and provide nursing care without disturbing sleep, “Human Detection” without requiring any illumination for security applications, and “Abnormal Temperature Detection” for equipment monitoring, and such applications. Since it is shutterless, it is possible to realize “Observation”, “Human Detection”, “Abnormal Temperature Detection” without any shutter noise or stoppage in video.

* Support of generic interfaces – fast integration

* At a low cost, suitable for price-sensitive applications

* Contactless temperature monitoring of humans or equipment

* No shutter noise

* Uninterrupted video

Tamron Shutterless Thermal Camera
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