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Key Specifications

* Zoom and focus can be adjusted from the outside after installing the dome cover.
* The high-precision motor and gearbox allow the exact zoom and focus adjustment needed for mega-pixel cameras * Iris control uses a stepping motor.
* It can adjust the aperture to a position that avoids diffraction, enabling shutter speed on the camera side to provide proper exposure
* Better performance than conventional lenses even when shooting under visible light, achieving 3 mega-pixel quality. Also successfully maintains mega-pixel quality at near-IR lighting conditions
* Meets the market demand for high-picture-quality monitoring both day and night.
* Compact enough to fit inside 3-inch dome cameras, the monitoring market's main size.
* Same size but enhanced optical performance compared to earlier Tamron products.
* Size compatibility ensured.   
* Supports a larger sensor size to go with rising pixel counts. Supports the increasingly common 1/2.7" image sensor size.  


Tamron DF024NA / DF024QA 3 mega-pixel board mount lens
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