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Key Specifications

The DE005 3-megapixel integrated zoom lens has a focal range of 15 to 50mm. With the compact size, it can be utilized with versatility in PTZ domes. It is designed to limit the reduction in F-number caused by zoom movement and to match 1/1.8” sensors. Adoption of electric motors allows development of an autofocus camera. The 15 to 50mm, high-demand focal range makes it suitable for number plate recognition, identification of people or vehicles, etc. Color smear is eliminated with decreased color aberration.

* Rugged and durable construction assures peak performance over an extended life cycle
* Ideal 15-50mm focal length is suitable for license plate recognition, identification of vehicles and individuals
* Designed to match 1/1.8" sensors common to traffic surveillance system cameras
* Accommodates larger imager sizes
* PTZ dome compatibility. Even while realizing a 50mm telephoto focal length, a 90mm chassis can be accommodated
* Lens-to-camera integration simplifies installation and eliminates back focus adjustment requirements
* Advanced stepping motors enable precise remote control operation and reduce installation time
* Auto focus enabled
* Specialized optical formula minimizes narrowing of aperture at higher zoom ratios
* F/1.4 is achievable from 15-35mm and F/1.6 at 50mm
* Outstanding image integrity is realized by eliminating color smear and diminishing chromatic aberration

Tamron DE005 ITS 3 Mega-Pixel Integrated Zoom Lens
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