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Key Specifications
Facial Recognition systems at Sunartek, not only capitalizes on a person’s facial dimensions but also alerts when the faces don’t match. Taking one’s image as an input for a centralized server, our Facial Recognition Systems can recognize the same image encountered across different cameras. With the use of biometric software and pattern analyzing skills, our Facial Recognition Systems intends to heighten security parameters for public safety and for different businesses/services.

Facial Recognition Bio-Metrics Forte
# Face Recognition Accuracy | 90%
# Gender Recognition Accuracy | 97%
# Unique Visitor Count Accuracy | 98%
# Age Recognition Accuracy | 95%
# Probability of detecting a person in a video stream | 98%
# Quick search time in a database of 500 million images

Features of Facial Recognition Systems
• Reduces crime in State, City or Organizations and improves public safety
• Spot the details of targets and prevent any atrocities
• Search for missing people
• Ensures safety for critical areas such as Airports, Railway stations, Malls or any other infrastructure or Transportation. Also, Person identification and flight registration without presenting documents.
• Security for crowded events and public venues
• Immediate identification of person including mobile Application alerts
• Prevention of shoplifting and fraud customers and employees in retail stores and financial organization
• Access control to certain areas of commercial and manufacturing facilities
• Create and manage a unique multichannel customer communication
• Profound customer experience and preferences analysis
• Creation of personalized recommendation based on customers data
• Enables personalized recommendation for target audience
• Accurate data about Customer satisfaction
• Increasing average check
• Decreasing cost on attracting new customers
• Tracking Customers Movement within retail space
Face Recognition System
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